Monday, January 29, 2007

2007 ahoy !

My last post was in July 2006 and quite a lot has gone on since then, I'll round up 2006 and then my plans for 2007.

The sweetcorn failed with sweetcorn smut but the cabbage and potatoe crop was great. The very high temps in the summer dented the potatoe crop a little but it was still a good crop. The cabbage was home to a great deal of white butterfly catpillars, even a derris powder did'nt stop them but the crop was great all the same. I got a mass of chilli's, my storage skills are poor and I despite drying them lost a great deal to rot, you live and learn. I had a great crop from the raspberries, stawberries and a bumper crop from the blackberries. The tomatoes all cropped very well, watering was a big problem and I did loose some to splitting but we had a constant supply of toms through late summer. Rounding off I had an amazing display of foxgloves and lupins.

So onto 2007, my plans include more chilli's, more toms, different fruits and a improved flower border and display.

Already sown include 5 different chillis, 4 different toms and the all new upright foxglove from T&M. Learning from my mistakes from last year, I am only sowing 1 per type to avoid over crowding. Sowing this early in the year means that I am using the heated propagtor to germinate and then transfering to a non-heated propegator container, all of which live on a windowsill (which also keeps mess down and my wife happier :)).

I am sowing new fruits this year, more on this in a later post. At the moment I am trying to get one of these to germinate, I had to soak the seed and then slice into the seed outer very thinly so to expose the seed to heat and water to begin the germination process. I am concerned my basic heated propegator won't raise the temp enough and might need to look at investing in another model that can push the temp higher.

On order and due any day is a new border collection, I am collecting flower seedlings at the moment too to help boost this years display.

Sown in autum and ready to go out in spring are some sweet peas that are some 8 inches now, sown in november are some hardy peas, both of which are being overwintered in the greenhouse, I'll post on that at some point too. Sown also in the autum are some onion sets and garlic cloves, all of which are doing good.

Boosting the fruits for this year I also added in the december window two bare rooted apple trees and a cherry tree. I also have a kiwi overwintering in the greenhouse.


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