Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Almost April

Just a few days away from April and already its been mild (but windy) and the clocks have gone foward. This means more time in the garden and the real start to the gardening year. The March sowing was complete disaster, my propegator is too warm for indoors at this time of year and it just forced everything up. I ended up with leggy, weak seedlings and pretty much lost the lot.

I sowed some more Cape Gooseberries into pots and left them in the greenhouse, I am pretty much at the end of the sowing time for this but I should be ok. Over weekend I bought a new blueberry tree and have rehoused my cranberries into its pot. I added coffee grinds and chicken manure into the compost to raise the acid level (which both plants love) and nutrients. I also planted my second early potatoes out, using my planned general purpose compost with grit this should be light enough for them to grow. Using second earlies means they will be ready by July, I'll add pictures for next time.

My April sowing will start this weekend if the weather remains mild, if we get a cold snap forecasted beyond this then I will wait another week. My local scouts are offering bedding plants for 2 pounds for a box of plants, going to order a couple.


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