Friday, December 23, 2005

Winter blues

Winter is a hard time for plants, even hardy plants can suffer in extremes of weather. However, hardy plants can survive through quite a lot, its the tender plants that are the hardest to overwinter. I have already lost one plant to a fungal diease and being within a greenhouse means that the rest of your plants are at risk. The plant I was forced to destroy and now everything else is on watch.

I am now trying to vent the greenhouse as often as possibly to keep the air flowing and reduce humidity. Using a paraffin heater does not help matters as it increases humidity, however by venting I am helping reduce that. Most plants I have cut back hard, the pineapple sage looked to be struggling and I felt it had gotten leggy in the summer, as such its been cut back hard and well wrapped in fleech. Time will tell if it bounces back.

During very cold weather I have also taken to wrapping everything in fleech, with the bubble wrap and heater this should help prevent frost damage to the roots (which would spell the end of everything).


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