Monday, August 22, 2005

Last of your summer jobs

Now in the last few weeks of summer (Frost risk in the northen UK begins in mid september, around 3 weeks time) I have a couple of jobs left to do.
  • Make sure the greenhouse is ready for Autum, replace any broken glass (of which I have plenty), clean it out ready for winter storage and buy in a roll of bubble wrap so I can start insulating plants from frost risk.
  • Clean up the strawberry bed (I have already done this) and towards the end of this month mulch it with manure or compost.
  • Plants past their best can now be cut back and any summer bulbs that have finished flowering can be dug up. Remember to compost all suitable matter.
  • Keep turning your compost and water it if it dries out.

While the weather is still warm keep watering during dry spells and feeding every week. Remember also to keep deadheading your displays as many flowers are in contintous flowering season at the moment.


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