Thursday, June 16, 2005


Gardening mags are full of articles on growing strawberries at the moment so I won't over repeat anything. Most Garden centres will stock Strawberries at this time of year, how you grow them is up to you, I grow them in the ground and in pots mixed with flowers and herbs. When you plant them mix up some bone/blood feed and water in well, the trick witj strawberries is to keep watering them and to keep them off the ground (to prevent pests and rotting). Easy in pots, on the ground use either permable plastic or if you have it on hand straw (if like me you have a Rabbit then this may be on hand anyway). If you have a lot of damp weather remember to replace the straw as damp straw is just as bad as the ground its self.

Most strawberries are runner plants, that is they grow runner from the main plant that will grow onto a new plant. Peg these runners to the ground they are more likely to grow. If you place the runner into a pot these will be easier to replant. The more runners that you grow the more strawberries you will get, its possible to increase your stock of strawberries in this fashion.

Strawberries enjoy a feed and potash is best for them, dig into the soil around the plant and water in well. I repeat this twice a month over the growing season and if there has been a lot of rain over a week then also give a liquid feed.


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