Sunday, July 24, 2005

Strawberries pt2

Strawberries are getting to the end of there season now, you will start to see runners (on non alpine types) and using these you can grow new strawberry plants for next year. In the picture above you can see I have planted mini plants from the runners into pots of compost, these I have pegged in and will leave for 3/4 weeks to root. When rooted I will then replant these into their final postion in the bed. It's worth noting which plants are new plants for next season as 3 season plants should be dug up and disposed.

When planting runners plant the first mini plant and avoid planting on any further mini plants. When you have replanted the mini plant then remove the runner from the main plant. This should take you into early/mid August and either when no more runners appear or you do not wish to grow any more mini plants then you can start to cut the main plant back. When I reach this stage I will post the next steps.


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