Sunday, August 07, 2005

Planting cranberries

The newest addition to the fold is 6 cranberry plants, these like acid sold that is very damp/boggy. Creating these conditions is important when you plant cranberries using either the side of a pond or as I will show here using lined holes. The first stage is to dig the hole you will plant the cranberry into (I am using plug plants).

Make sure the hole is of a good enough size to fit the plug and has enough room for the plant to grow and for the roots to spread, too narrow a hole and you will loose the bog effect you are looking to create. Next line the hole with plastic, to cut down on costs you can (as I have here) use thick refuse sack plastic.

Make sure the plastic lines the hole completely. Next refill the hole, this is an important stage. If you have sandy soil then you will lack the acid levels that Cranberry enjoys. You may have clay soil which is suitable for Cranberries, however rather than taking acid tests its easier to refill with a acid compost. As I have clay soil I have halfed the amount taken out and mixed with acid compost.

With the hole refilled make sure you tuck the plastic edges under and with your fingers create a hole in the center, into this hole add the plug and firm in.

Complete the job by covering the area with a mulch (bark chips in this case).


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