Monday, March 06, 2006

March and the sowing really starts

So into March we go and this month really marks the start of the Gardening year. My lemon grass sowing from last month failed, I suspect light levels were so poor that it caused this. Not one to give up I will wait until the end of March when BST is neally here and try again. My onions, tomatoes and chilli have all been mostly potted on and starting to get a feed to encourage growth through March. I have also started the first of the flowers for this year, 2 different Petuina species and a Salpiglossis. I have also set a Golden Berry (cape goosberry) going. This completes my March sowing and by the end of the month will have reached germination ready for the April sowing (which I will need to time right to start the more demanding species off in the propegator).

Last weekend I gave up on the idea of a wild garden and scrapped it, in its place is a the same bed but now redug with grit and manure throw in. On it I want to grow sweet corn, cabbage and for a bit of color something else. I plan on starting this off in April, as it stands I dug this before a nasty cold snap set in across the UK last week so the hard frosts and snow will have done wonders to help break up the bigger clods.

My potatoes are now set to chit and doing well, I will wait until the end of March before I plant them as the weather has so far been a little too hard for them to cope with. The saskatoon still shows no sign of life, looks like I am in for the long haul with this after all.


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