Sunday, April 30, 2006

Almost May

A really busy time of year now, pottting and repotting plants as they grow, watering, feeding and mantaining. A spell of great sunny weather here as ment everything in the greenhouse as marched on, my sweet pea's are now some 3 feet at the top of the oblisk support and a second set sown a few weeks ago 4/5 inches and going fast. I had mixed success with the seed's, in the growpot's the sweetcorn and pea's failed but sweetpea's worked. In the peat cells several different flowers and herbs failed but others are doing fine. My tomatoes, chilli's and mini runner beans are now on the 6/8 inch pots with 1 or 2 in the set growing quicker than others.

My blackberry has burst its buds and formed its fruit groups, the raspberry and gooseberry has burst its buds (the goosberry has formed its blossom). The blueberries are still in bud with one or two now burst. The cherry is still in bud and yet to burst, as the weather gets warmer and warmer I hope that it will burst.

I have moved a mint plant and pineapple sage outside to grow on after spending the winter in the greenhouse, they have gone from sticks to fully green in only 3/4 weeks. This frees up much needed staging space for everything else thats coming along. I have planted up the strawberries into a pot (along with flowers) and obtained some more strawberries to replace the winter looses in the patch.

The sweetcorn I have planted but I prehaps should have waited for them to get bigger, despite softdrink cloch support they are getting damaged by slugs or snails. I am going to start a new group using toliet rolls and grow them on in the greenhouse until the end of may (should I loose the first group to the slimey pest I have backup). The cabbages are ready to go in and I have aquired some marigolds to ward off the slimey pest as these will surely enmass when the cabbages go in.

The bedding program seems to have failed despite the supplier advice to plant them stright in the ground, the winter has claimed the lot. Faced with two bare borders I have found another planing scheme and await it's delivery to hopefully get this moving. I am a little annoyed that they recommended this when really it should have been over wintered under glass and planted in the spring. I guess nothing can be done about the weather but my advice should this ever happen to you is to not do as they say and grow them on under protection. I have also sourced the planting schemes for the hanging baskets and either await delivery or I am waiting to get it planted (the wall baskets are now used up and look rather bare until I can plant them all up with the summer bedding) . The front wall border is growing really well with the tulips almost ready to flower. The front lawn has seen two cuts and I needed the to leave the lawn circle in place for the tulips to come up, it does mean I have rather interesting looking patch of dense grass on my lawn :)

The garlic is doing well as are the potatoes which are now some 6/7 inches. The onions I have planted out into a big pot but still don't seem to be doing much beyond looking like chives, it will either work or be a failure. Here's to what May has in store.


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