Thursday, April 06, 2006


Last week was a warm week and over the weekend I completed my seed sowing. In three peat cell trays, four potting trays and root trainers I sowed 90 seeds. The following Monday we had a frost, just my luck. Starting to cover my cherry tree with fleech now, its buds are developing and getting ready to burst, any frost damage now could wreck the crop. After packing away the fleech and heater during the warm spell, it was all unpacked and fired up again. I also tied up the garden, redug the borders and top dressed my orange tree and gave it some gentle pruning. I also picked up some strawberry plants, growing them on in the greenhouse until after the frosts have passed. Who knows, might even fruit early :) I sowed some lemon grass again, second attempt at this. I also bought some ginger for a second attempt, potted up and housed in my propegator who knows that might work as well.


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